Why MMA is the Best Fighting Sport

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Before the introduction of the ultimate fighting champion and MMA, we used to enjoy contact sports such as Karate, Judo, and so much more. We even had some action-packed wrestling, which might not be quite as realistic as we’d like, but it’s still entertaining and involves some impressive moves.

So, what makes MMA and UFC so great? Well, that’s an easy question as it combines all the fighting styles and includes entertainment. Those who enjoy MMA will know about all the trash talking and exciting each other up before a fight. Conor McGregor is well-known for it, which has led him to become one of the most famous in MMA.

When it comes to fighting, we see just about all the most significant fighting styles come together in one sport. This is because fighters use their professions to complete and make their way to the top. Thus, you’ll find some black belt karate fighters taking on jujitsu professionals, which is one of the things that makes this so great. Ever wonder who would win between a wrestling pro and judo pro? Well, in MMA, you can easily see these fights as professionals from around the world make their way to the Octagon in hopes of becoming the ultimate.

Therefore, you get more than just another wrestling-type event or another type of fighting that eventually becomes rather boring to watch. The sport always finds something new and exciting as new fighters enters and show why they are the best.

Multiple Classes

MMA is all about weight, which is why these different fighting styles commonly meet up in the Octagon. There are various weights, starting with welterweight through to heavyweight and many in between.

Many fighters strive to get to a particular weight level, which would allow them to take part in the class of their choice. Of course, this means they need to diet and work out in the right way. Many of them cut down the weight to remain within a particular class, making it challenging as they need to train at the same time.

The different weights each include their championship and title, making it one of the most action-packed sports as each even includes multiple fights in each class as they fight to get to the title in their weight class.

Even when there it’s a particular title fight, there’s always some event going on with two fighters wanting to make their way up to fight against the champ for the title. This is where the action starts as fighters call each other out in various ways.

Conor McGregor is an excellent example of MMA. Not only is he hot-headed and load, but also has the fighting skills to back it up. He has won the title multiple times and even when he loses, we refuse to give in and admit defeat.