Where is Tony Ferguson?

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While a lot of the news in recent weeks has revolved around Conor McGregor announcing his retirement, many have been wondering about what’s happening with Tony Ferguson as no fighting news or event planned events have come up for the legendary fighter.
Well, by the looks of it, we shouldn’t expect to see Tony in any fights for the next couple of weeks as he is dealing with personal issues. Dana White announced the news and further investigation also reveals problems between him and his wife, Cristina.

Currently, an on-going investigation is open on Tony as his wife and young son have moved out of the house, and she applied to have a restraining order against him. This followed a 911 phone call where he told police he is breaking down various items in the house, including the fireplace. She also expressed concern for police and didn’t want them to come as she was worried about the safety of the officers.

A total of six police units were dispatched to the lightweight champion’s house after the call, but without any custody papers or any committed crimes, they couldn’t do anything. Besides, Cristina had said she’s not concerned about the child’s safety. The 2-year-old boy was taken back tot eh house by Tony, and she changed all the locks after his wife moved in with her mother.

At most, it seems the situation is temporary, and it’s merely because Cristina thinks he needs help. At the time of the call, she said he hasn’t spelt for three days, and other witnesses said he told them there are people in the walls of his home.

On the 19th of February 2019, the police once again made their way to the Santa Ana home to check up on Tony after various threats have come through. He also states that there’s a computer chip in his leg, which all seems extremely strange and would explain why Cristina wants him to get help. On Feb 16, three days before the welfare visit, Cristina made a call to police from a park phone, explaining that he has never been violent towards her, the child or anyone else for that matter. She is simply concerned about the wellbeing of her husband.

When police arrived, they spoke to Tony and suggested he see a doctor and agreed. He isn’t a threat to himself or others, but police still suggested that Cristina take their son to her mother’s house, which could only be a precaution.

Currently, investigations are starting on the 22nd of March, and a domestic violence hearing will take place on the 5th of April 2019. Depending on the outcome, we all look forward to seeing what’s required for the recovery and how soon we can expect to see Tony return to the octagon and take on fighters and finally claim his title.