WBO Stripes Boxers of Titles

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The World Boxing Organization has stripped Canelo Alvarez of his championship title. This comes after the championship fighter moved weight classes in the professional league. However, this doesn’t mean he will forfeit the four-titles earned throughout his career, just the right to hold onto the going forward. New contenders will have to fight for the new championship title, with Canelo focusing on a new title under the Heavyweight Class. This means that Canelo Alvarez will fight against Anthony Joshua sometime throughout 2020. However, this change comes as a significant disappoint for fans who saw Canelo defeat Sergey Kovalev on November 2nd for the Light Heavyweight Championship.

Canelo Alvarez spoke with boxing reporters on the title-weight alteration with the World Boxing Organization. He mentioned that his accomplishments in the light heavyweight division have been for his country and fans. However, Canelo desires more from the sport of boxing. All the greatest legends to ever encounter the sport were standard heavyweight contenders, with Alvarez wanting to be the next unforgettable champion. The option to switch weight classes wouldn’t have been possible without the championship victory against Sergey last month.

Additional Boxers Stripped from Titles

The World Boxing Organization wasn’t the only association to announce the stripping of a boxer’s titles. The International Boxing Organization published that Chris Eubank Jr has lost his Middleweight Championship Title. This was prompted for the same reasons as Canelo, with Eubank choosing to switch classes to find more formidable opponents. This has been the typical career momentum for numerous fights, who seem themselves move up weight classes when acquiring their former categories championship belt.

Eubank Junior held the Middleweight Championship Title for more than two years, with the belt wrapped proudly around his waist since February 2017. It’s the first time in 36 months that other contenders in this division can compete for championship placement, with Eubank Junior demolishing all competition that threated him in the ring. Sporting analysts suspect that James DeGale or Arthur Abraham will re-acquire their title placement. There’s also the chance that Anvi Yildirim could defeat the top contenders of this division and acquire his first championship title.