UFC Weekly News for December 23rd

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There is a never-ending wave of headlines when it applies to the Ultimate Fighter Championship. We’ve collected the two most pivotal stories for this week, with the first revolving around Ronaldo Souza. This former-middleweight champion made his debut in the lightweight division this year, which didn’t go as expected. Subsequently, Ronaldo Souza will be returning to the Middleweight Division in April. This will be to fight against Uriah Hall in Brooklyn, New York City, for UFC 249. Confirmation of this fight came after numerous sources close to Ronaldo Souza confirmed the upcoming bout.

Ronaldo Souza, who has remained under the weight-class of 185lbs for his seven-year-long career, made his debut to the light-heavyweight division in November 2019. At the age of forty, this prized fighter saw himself lose three consecutive battles. He later clarified that this level of the UFC was annoying, which came after he won his first fight in the division. Most analysts claimed that the switch was prompted by his failures, which saw his record drop down to 26-8-1. His previous titles were held under the Dream and Strikeforce events under the UFC branding.

Patrick Cummins Retires

Another significant headline that came this week revolved around Patrick Cummins, who announced his retirement from the fighting league through social media. This comes after Cummins fought with the UFC for nine years. He noted that this decision wasn’t made lightly and took six months of consideration. However, Cummins had to retire after twenty years of fighting, with the previously-prized fighter noting his sadness towards leaving the fighting competition. Patrick Cummins was formally a wrestler at Penn State University. He never had intentions of joining the Ultimate Fighters Championship, with MMA being more of a hobby for himself ten years ago. When the retirement was announced, Cummins noted that he isn’t 100% committed to fighting anymore and that his future involves something else going forward.

Patrick is 39 years of age, with a record standing at ten wins and several losses. Six of those winning fights were under the UFC, with all several losses following in the same league. He debuted in 2014 at the MGM Resort in Las Vegas, where he would fight against Olympic Legend Daniel Cormier. Patrick Cummins lost his debut fight in under seventy-nine seconds. However, he won his next three bouts back-to-back in the UFC. This made him a formidable fighter until 2019, where he lost all three fights that were scheduled for this year.