UFC Prepares for 2nd Nevada Shutdown

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The Nevada State Government could reinstate their “COVID-19 Social Distancing Restrictions” amid concerns that a 2nd outbreak could unfold before August 31st. When this information became officially known, UFCs Dana White was immediately questioned on what strategies are available to sustain a second State-wide closure.

Dana White, the UFCs President, first indicated that everyone is hoping a 2nd shutdown doesn’t arrive. That doesn’t mean there aren’t strategies available to account for worst-case scenarios. Dana White was indicating towards “UFCs Fight Island”, which saw its 1st bout on July 11th. Technically located on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi, it’s known an additional three PPVs are being filmed before the UFCs return to Las Vegas.

The Affects of State-Wide Shutdowns

Nevada entering a 2nd state-wide closure would force Dana White to continue holding Pay-Per-Views at Yas Island, Abu Dhabi. It’s not his primary desire considering that completion of the UFCs Apex Centre was finalized days before COVID-19 became an international pandemic. Dana White hasn’t obtained any return on his significant investment behind UFCs Apex Centre.
Politicians in Nevada could sway the mindset of their “State Athletic Commission”, which was similarly seen for the protection of civilian life in March 2020. NSAC could terminate all sporting events throughout Nevada until the pandemic is deemed “Liveable”. Recalling that this could become possible with each day, Dana White emphasized that UFC fighters could find themselves living on Yas Island.

He remarked that anything is possible during COVID-19 & that fighter will compete wherever is safest. Under the current political climate of America, which has become volatile & unsafe surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s same to assume that Yas Island will remain home for the UFC.

The Hope

UFC Executives & their President are both hoping that strategic plans aren’t engaged. That’s because the Ultimate Fighting Competition was born in America & their majority percentage of matches are held in the United States. Dana White is desperate to resume American operations & unveil the UFC Apex Centre, which hasn’t opened since its construction completed in March 2020.

Regardless of what happens next for Dana White’s UFC, this sporting league is happy with their recent financial performance. 1.4 Million viewers watched their 251st PPV against Jorge Masvidal & Kamaru Usman.