UFC Lightweight Fighting News

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We finally have some more clearance on the fighting action coming for the rest of the year as Khabib returns to defend his actual title against Dustin Poirier and other lined up fighters. It’s now finally official that Khabib and Dustin Poirier will face off on the 7th of September 2019 in Abu Dhabi at UFC 242. The PPV event is expected to be one of the highlights of the year, but as expected, Khabib is the favourite by quite a significant margin. Javier Mendez (Khabib’s coach) claims this would be the second easiest fight for Khabib, and he also added the top four fighters.

This includes Mac Holloway who would be the easier for Khabib according to the coach. He says Max is good at boxing, but he doesn’t have the power required for the lightweight division. Next of the list was Dustin Poirier who he said has versatility and stamina, making him a more significant threat, but still not something to worry about. The second highest fight or third on the list was Tony Ferguson, who has dangerous elbows. However, let’s face it. Tony is a great fighter and would undoubtedly be a challenge for Khabib.

The first on the list, was surprisingly Conor McGregor even though Khabib managed to make him tap out on the fourth-round last year. The coach says Conor has a unique way of boxing, which is what gives him a chance again Khabib.

Who Would Win the Khabib vs Dustin Fight?

It’s quite sad that everyone is already against Dustin Poirier who managed to make his way up the ranks with an excellent fighting record. He has been training incredibly hard and shows with his skills, especially in fights such as Max Holloway, where Dustin managed to grab the interim title. Sure, he didn’t win by far or by a knockout, but the fact is, he won the fight and the same could happen against Khabib.

Dustin has been training harder and might impress everyone with a few new moves that could catch Khabib by surprise. The great thing is, he is a clean fighter, follows the rules and win fairly, making him a great contender for anyone. With that said, the chance of Khabib beating Dustin is just a bit too great. Khabib has loads of experience, which comes from the streets. He is also a highly professional fighter and has proven himself over and over again. Just look at the Conor McGregor fight where he beat McGregor who everyone though is the greatest at the time.

Who Will Khabib Fight After Dustin?

If Khabib wins the fight, he would need to face either Donald Cerrone or Tony Ferguson. These two fighters are lined up to take each other on and determine who gets the title fight. If Khabib loses, it would be Dustin Poirier who would defend the title against either Tony or Donald by the end of the year.