UFC & Dapper Labs Enter Partnership Agreement

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A shocking partnership was announced concerning the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It was revealed today that Dapper Labs, a blockchain-establish firm, is partnering with the UFC. Unveiled on February 225th, this partnership will see a new level of engagement for supporters on the digital wavelength. Fans can acquire UFC Collectibles by using the Dapper Labs “Flow Platform” or CryptoKitties. The latter launched last year and have become incredibly successful in their own right.

CryptoKitties was their first blockchain project, with the Flow Platform being the new and improved rendition. It’s targeted towards developers and standard clients, respectively, with multiple blockchain applications and digital assets supported. Consumers won’t have access to the Flow Platform until January 2021, with the UFC Collectible being supported immediately on launch day. These collectables are also supported through CryptoKitties and can begin being acquired this quarter.

The Flow & CryptoKitties platforms enable UFC Supporters to receive “Digital Tokens” that represent their favourite fights. These tokens can acquire more magnificent weather by users training their fighters, levelling them up and managing their diets to compete in different weight classes. Dapper Labs confirmed in their statement that these supporters are provided free ownership with their tokens, with them later able to be sold for these UFC Collectibles. This will include signed sneaks, gloves, shorts and more. It should be noted that Dapper Labs approached the UFC for this contract after gaining enormous interest in this fighting competition.

Dapper Labs and UFC introduced by Endeavor

Before Dapper Labs approached the Ultimate Fighters Championship, these two entities were first introduced by the Endeavor Group. They indicated to Dapper Labs that the UFC was looking for new avenues with technology that could deepen their relationships with supporters. After discussing a proposal with the Dapper Labs executives, representatives from the company approached Dana White’s lawyers and requested a meeting. After months of delayed meetings, the agreement was finally put into effect. Dapper Labs believes that this agreement will see supporters create communities of collectable traders, which will benefit the UFC for the long-term.

The Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products, Tracey Bleszinski, spoke on behalf of the UFC. He stated: “UFC is thrilled to partner with Dapper Labs to offer a new form of digital collectables to our global fanbase. UFC prides itself on being innovators in sports technology, and Flow is another way to provide our fans with the best entertainment experience.”