Tony Ferguson Back in Action!

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It seemed like just last week when we found out about the personal issues Tony Ferguson has been dealing with. The fighter had some mental problems and was trying to deal with a restraining order from his wife at the same time. However, it seems as if it’s all been sorted out as Tony heads back to the octagon to take part in more fights for 2019.

The restraining order and so-called mental problems were all mixed into one big mess. His wife called police on multiple occasions where she was concerned about the well being of Tony as he was destroying things in the house and just losing it by the sounds of it. He took the time to have himself sorted out and seems to be patching things up with his wife as she’s no longer pressing the restraining order. With all this now behind him, Tony finally aims to take part in MMA again as we see the champion lightweight get ready to take on the best!

Right off the bat, we see Tony desire fights with title holders, and we all know he has been itching to meet Khabib in the octagon. However, it seems like he would have to wait for a while as Dustin Poirier will be the first time on Khabib. Poirier managed to line up his title fight by beating Max Holloway for the interim title. The battle was a result of Khabib (the current title holder) being suspended for nine months. However, Khabib will only return after 12 months as per his decision. Tony Ferguson was among the first choices for the interim title, but he declined the opportunity as he was the full title fight instead.

Now, Tony would need to wait for the fight between Dustin and Khabib before he has a shot at taking the title. Therefore, we might see Tony take part in other fights as a welcome back into UFC. A big match up with his and McGregor has been mentioned, which might take place at the next major UFC event. However, up to now, nothing has been confirmed.
It would be interesting to see Tony in many fights, including the possible McGregor challenge. It’s most likely that Tony would defeat the Irishman, but since they both want a shot at the title, it’s a matchup that’s like to happen.

Depending on who wins that fight and the Dustin vs Khabib fight, there are a few possible scenarios that could come from it all. We might seem Mcgregor take on Dustin or Tony take on Dustin, but if Khabib takes the fight, either one of those two could be matching up against him. We’ve already see Khabib and McGregor, in which case McGregor lost in the 4th round, but many are hoping to see Tony step into the octagon with Khabib.