Tim Means Suffers Broken Ankle at UFC 146

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UFC fight night 146 presented loads of action and some surprising results in just about all categories. Even the welterweight division had some serious work as we see Nico Price and Tim Means enter the octagon. Both these fighters are well respected for their history and see to be the perfect match up on paper, presenting a weight difference of just 0.5 lbs with Tim Means being the heaviest at 171. Though Tim is the taller one at 6’2”, Nico has the longer reach.

The Fight

Even though most thought the fight would last for at least a few rounds, it all happened in series one, ending with a broken ankle and a knockout, naming Nico Price the victor. From the very first contact, both the fighters went all-in, throwing punches, moving fast and doing all they can to avoid powerful blows from their opponent. At just over 30 seconds in, Means managed to grab hold of Nico and get him to the ground. Means managed to deliver some great shorts while Price was doing all he can to block.

Luckily, the takedown happened close to the net, allowing Nico to grip and move around, trying to get out of the grip and punches. Means was throwing his way. With Nico on the ground for more than a minute, he managed to get out of the grip Price. He knew he had to deliver some shots of his own within the last half of the first round.

For the rest of the round, it seemed rather uneventful, both fighters getting in multiple shots, but staying close together and delivering just at the right time. The next two minutes seemed to have its toll on Price as we see him stepping around a little and almost losing his balance, but he managed to keep it together and deliver some big hits.

The End of Round One

As the end of the round came closer, both fighters were picking up the pace and getting even closer together with more punches, hoping to do some severe damage for a more natural second round. Once again, we saw Means leading Nico around and being in control, but suddenly, we see Price get a gap and deliver a dominant right-hander to the top jaw of his opponent, sending him straight down. Nico moved quickly, and game Means more powerful blows to ensure the fight it over with just 11 seconds to go in the first round.

Broken Ankle

On the highlights, you can’t see how the fractured ankle happened, and nothing seemed out of place, but it’s easy to tell that Means went down strangely, putting extra pressure on his right leg. After the fight, we saw posts on social media of the break, putting Means out of the Octagon for at least a couple of weeks. We look forward to seeing him later on in the year as he takes on the next welterweight fighter.