Suspension Ruling for Khabib and McGregor

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On Thursday, the NAC (Nevada Athletic Commission) presented their ruling for the brawl that occurred post-fight in October 2018 at UFC 229. Both Khabib and Conor were both suspended and fined for their part, but fans are clearly unhappy with the ruling, especially since Khabib received a 9-month suspension whereas McGregor received only six months.

Even the fines were drastically different with Khabib receiving a fine to the tune of $500,000 and McGregor only $50,000. In addition to the hefty fine Khabib receives, his teammates who also played a part in the action, including Abubakar Nurmagomedov Zubaira Tukhugov both need to pay a fine of $25,000 each and have been suspended for a year.

Naturally, the news of the ruling when through the MMA channels very fast and many managers, coaches, fans and more too to Twitter and other social platforms to deliver their opinion. Some state that it’s unfair to be fined just because you were attacked while others are annoyed with Khabib’s “politics forever” Tweet.

After the ruling, we saw some interesting shifts in the future of these fighters and what they are planning to do in the near future.

Khabib Won’t Fight this Year

Surprisingly, Khabib seemed quite relaxed while the ruling took place, even posting a picture of himself sleeping on a couch. However, it was clear that he wasn’t pleased with the ruling against him as the teammates involved.

Not long after the ruling, Khabib announced that he won’t be returning to the octagon until his teammates are able to fight again as well. As mentioned above, they were both suspended for a year, meaning we won’t see Khabib until November 2019.

In all fairness, the brawl could have sparked a full riot at the event, making the punishments quite fair for Khabib. The fact that he refuses to fight until his teammates can would be a hard knock on UFC as they count on his fame for getting the ratings up.

In an earlier post on Twitter, it saw said that he refuses to take part in the social advertising and would also not appeal the ruling. He could have dropped the suspension to as little as six months if he did an anti-bullying post, but we’re not sure if that would’ve had an effect of the ruling against his teammates.

Commissioners Not Happy with McGregor’s Behaviour

We can all agree that McGregor has been somewhat a loose cannon over the last few years. Just look at the bus attack that took place in New York and the water incident. With this, the commissioner isn’t happy with what’s been going on, which basically means McGregor is on this ice in Las Vegas.

However, with the suspension being lifted within as little as two months, we can see promotors already looking to line up fights for the year ahead.