Sports in the Armed Forces

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In 1947 the first inter-service sports were staged. The Army, Airforce and Navy took part, and in 1948 the International Military Sports Council or CISM was founded. The CISM organizes sporting events which are attended by almost 150 countries armed forces members. Some of these participants might have fought against each other on a battlefield but are now meeting in sport and friendship.

The CISM believes very strongly in “Friendship through Sport” with the aim of world peace. The CISM oversees sports events throughout the world, and the function of these events is to promote solidarity through sport. The world sports community can no longer turn a blind eye on the CISM as it trains some of the best participants.

Sports Events

The CISM orchestrates more than 20 World Championships in which all nations that are members can participate. There are also regional contests with Military World Games held every four years, as well as the Military Winter Games. These are multi-sport events, the first of which took place in 1995 in Rome to commemorate the end of the Second World War. Over 90 nations competed in seventy different sports events. The first Winter Military Games hosted in Italy, with 43 countries and 800 participants competing.

The CISM put together a talk on “Sport and Peace” in Italy, in 2005, with a fantastic turnout of representatives from 22 countries, organizations and associations. Everyone there agreed that sport plays an integral part in rebuilding relationships between countries who, in the past, have met in the war. The seventh Military World Tournament will see over 100 nations and over 9500 representatives from armed force combatants in 21 sports. The USA Armed Forces Sports Council is to take part in, amongst others, wrestling, boxing, and Judo. Priority spots are given to aspiring participants who have a record of achievement in their sport.
The CISM of the Americas is divided into two liaisons, the North, and the South. The North is host to 8 nations from North America and 11 from South America.

MMA in the Military World Games

The US Army has now won the Armed Forces Championships for wrestling for the 18th year in a row. After a gruelling ten matches, the Army prevailed against the Marines by 33 to 9. When considering Judo, only athletes who are on active duty, guard or reserve will be considered for the team and only the fittest, both physically and psychologically, will be able to apply for them.

As in all the sports, applicants must have resulted from the USA or international federations within the last two years. Applicants must also meet one of the following criteria; they must have competed in A +, A or B level events, US Senior Nationals, or the USA National Presidents Cup Championships and be placed in the top four in the weight class.