Russian Defence Missiles Combat Ready at Kuril Islands

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Diplomatic transgressions between the Japanese & Russians have been sustained for decades, with the two powerhouse nations fighting without warfare for land acquisition. An Island holding superior value regularly defines these diplomatic transgressions. Both wartime countries maintained military bases at the Kuril Islands, knowing the strategic benefits associated with this location. Kuril first witnessed military involvement in 1895, claiming ownership from the Japanese until 1944. After five decades of rule under the Japanese Empire, the Kuril Islands was taken by the Russians on World War Two’s closing days. Russia has sustained ownership for several decades, with Japanese officers using diplomatic strategies in hoping of reacquiring the Kuril Islands. Those strategies have failed regularly.

Russia displayed their stronghold & refusal to negotiate by locating multiple S-300V4 Air Defence Missiles on the Kuril Islands, which are combat defence ready. This provides greater offensive action with short-range attacks. Considering that Japan borders the Kuril Islands, greater involvement of Defence Missiles becomes more concerning that Russia will attack. Russian President Vladimir Putin contests that wartime with Japan isn’t logical. Those sentiments wouldn’t coincide with the attribute that Vladimir Putin didn’t announce the missiles to Japan. Information regarding missile deployment was received via Russia’s Defence Ministry TV Station.

President Vladimir Putin has evident plans associated with the Kuril Islands. Multiple weaponry deployments have been initiated by Putin, making a Russian stronghold in Japanese waters. Photographic evidence shows that fighter jets & tanks have been loaded to the Kuril Islands. This suggests that Vladimir Putin is planning on advancing towards Japan, which would coincide with China’s determination to overrule the Japanese people. Internationally speaking, nations like the United States have avoided the diplomatic transgressions between Russia & Japan. It could result in unexpected warfare between two powerhouse nations.

No Negotiations

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe worked diligently towards brokering peace agreements with Russia, with those negotiations sustaining the full-length of his eight years in office. Those discussions are moving forward with the newly elected Prime Minister of Japan, Yoshihide Suga. Prime Minister Suga hopes that territorial disputes can be resolved under his leadership. Vladimir Putin is unlikely to waver regardless of the leader approaching negotiations.