Roy Jones Jr Looking to Fight Anderson Silva

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Anderson Silva has found himself called out by Roy Jones Junior, a former public rival of UFCs Greatest Champion. Roy Jones Jr announced that after competing against Mike Tyson & defeating the iconic boxer, he’d fight Anderson Silva. This decision comes after the two men were publicly discussing fighting one another decades ago, long before the infamous bout of Conor McGregor & Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Roy Jones Junior makes his formal return to professional boxing on September 12th, competing against Mike “The Champ” Tyson in California. Both men are entering their elderly years, prompting countless fighting analysts to question why these two are competing. The public reason is for charity, but it’s for personal glory amongst these two boxers.

Sports analysts are considerably more shocked to learn that Roy Jones Jr wants to battle Anderson Silva, someone that still competes in the UFC. Anderson Silva is also much younger than Roy Jones Junior, but this shouldn’t immediately have analysts disregard the former “Multi-Weight Boxing Champion”. Few in professional boxing have reached the ranking obtained by Roy; he’ll be a severe opponent to both Mike Tyson and Anderson Silva.

The Bait

MMA Fighting Reporters questioned Roy Jones Jr on his future in professional fighting. The former champion emphasized that long before Mayweather Jr combatted against Conor McGregor, the MMA/Boxing community were discussing the possibility of Roy competing against Anderson Silva. He’d then reveal that they’d almost finalized a contract before Silva was forced by the UFC to remain exclusively in his division. Things have changed in the UFC & for Dana White, meaning that contracting this fight would be easily accomplished.

Roy Jones Jr than emphasized that unlike the McGregor & Mayweather fight, these two men would provide a real show for viewers. That’s because Anderson Silva maintains experience in professional boxing, while also possibly having an opponent that’s much older than himself. This was Roy’s way of alienating Anderson Silva into the fight, which would garner hundreds of millions in profit for the UFC. There’s one attribute that might stop Silva from competing, with that being a recent knee surgery that is still in remission healing.