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The Granimal, Erik Paulson and JD Dwyer have finally competed Rough and Tumble: The History of American Submission wrestling.  “This project was a huge undertaking but it was also alot of fun.  We met so many great people that have helped influence mma as we know it.  Some of the people that have really helped us the most with this book are Gene Lebell, Billy Wicks and Frank Cain.  What a great story we are telling.  There have been alot of books written about different disciplines but never before has there been such a comprehensive history told about the history of American combatives” says ACA President Matt “Granimal Granahan.  “This is a book that every fan and fighter should read.  So many of the stories in this book were directly told to us from the men who lived them” says Erik Paulson.  Olympic wrestler, European Abu Dhabi Champion and undefeated WEC fighter Kamal Shalorus was also interviewed extensively for the book and is excited about it’s upcoming release.  “You can’t live if you can’t breath, you can’t run if you can’t walk and you can’t fight if you can’t wrestle.  This book is going to tell the real history of mixed martial arts” says Shalorus.

With the book completed all that remains now is the footnoting, editing and publishing.  We will keep you abreast of the release date at