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The ACA Thanks Legendary catch wrestler and police tactical combat trainer with the Memphis PD Billy “Pops” Wicks for his friendship. Mr Wicks is close friends with ACA President Matt Granahan and Kamal Shalorus and has provided guidance assisting in the development of SICS and associated techniques. At the ACA we value Mr Wicks friendship and wanted to share with you an article he shared with us from Pat Barrett and the Cauliflower Alley Club. The article follows:

“Great Britain holds more reverence in Barrett’s heart for its commitment to wrestling over the years. He points to a recent edition of CAC’s newsletter THE EAR which focused on the carnivals and how pro wrestling evolved from those early days. ‘What I wish they would have included is how the style went from America to England,’ Barrett said. ‘What they didn’t tell was that after it died in American carnivals, Billy Riley took that style to Wigan, England and started the Snake Pit, teaching the art of submission wrestling. Eventually it came back to the States through Karl Gotch, who trained the next generation in the art of submissions. Karl, of course is gone now… but today, I have to say the only one I know who is still teaching that style is Billy Wicks. I like to say he is ‘spreading the gospel’, as he runs a terrific school to this day. I admire him for it. He deserves so much credit, carrying the torch for this art. Billy Wicks was one of the original hookers in American wrestling, and I would like people who are learning their history to know the sequence of events. I did enjoy THE EAR articles, though… it was great to read about how it all started back in the carnivals with guys like Red Bastien and Billy Wicks.’ ”