Nick Diaz Offered Return Fight by Dana White

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The President and Chief Executive Officer of the UFC, Dana White, confirmed that they’re interested in re-booking Nick Diaz. This potential fight is conditional on whether Diaz wants to return to the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Diaz was the former welterweight champion, having not fought against any challenger since 2015. News and rumours regarding his return to fighting came after he spoke with ESPN in 2019, where he expressed that he’d consider battling Jorge Masvidal. Revenge is apparent after Masvidal defeated his younger brother at UFC 244. It should be noted that Nick Diaz has been offered multiple fights since retiring in 2015.

Nick Diaz has an apparent reluctance towards booking another fight with the Ultimate Fighting Championship. However, this didn’t stop Dana White from confirming that matchmakers have spoken with Diaz on battling Masvidal. Mick Maynard and Sean Shelby both talked to Nick, expressing that they think he won’t compete. Maynard noted that the desire and passion for fighting disappeared for Nick Diaz after losing to Anderson Da Silva. It’s a love-hate relationship for the former champion. Sean Shelby testified that Diaz is better suited for training purposes, assisting the younger generations in becoming champion titleholders.

The Minimal Desire

These UFC Matchmakers aren’t the only individuals to express the lack of desire with Diaz. Nick himself has mentioned it during previous interviews, noting that fighting isn’t his passion anymore. Though the temptation to defeat Jorge Masvidal or Conor McGregor could be enough for him to return. It should be noted that Diaz and McGregor had a tension-filled rivalry that saw numerous ignorant acts unfold during press conferences. Nick Diaz returning to the Ultimate Fighting Championship would mark a substantial payday for him as well, similar to Floyd Mayweather’s $50 million paycheques with any fight. Dana White convincing Diaz to return would make the title-card fight between Nick and Jorge a more significant event than McGregor’s revival.

Dana White told UFC Reporters that it’s the decision of Nick Diaz if he wants to return, with no previous contract obligations maintains. Most fighting analysts claim that Diaz fighting could be detrimental to his health, with Nick being 36 years of age. The risk is substantial with little payoff or reward. Public revenge for his brother being minimal and Nate Diaz cannot rely on his brother Nick to save the day. After compiling the data on the ageing fighter, we determine that Nick Diaz won’t return to the UFC in 2020.