New Contract for Khabib

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It’s finally time the octagon welcomes back Khabib Nurmagomedov as we see some exciting new fights line up. The lightweight title winner is finally coming back after being suspended for nine months. He would’ve been back a while ago, but he decided to sit out for 12 months as his teammates received a longer suspension than he did. All of this came from a post-fight attack on McGregor’s teammate after Khabib won against McGregor by submission in the fourth round.

Finally, we get to move past all that and focus on new fighting opportunities as Khabib makes his way back to fighting against some of the best in the lightweight division. On top of it all, he gets a brand-new contract with the UFC, which is turning out to be one of the biggest in UFC history!

The New Contract

Khabib was at the end of his previous contract, which was only valid for one more fight. However, since he is one of the top contenders and possibly the best fighter in UFC lightweight, there was no doubt that he wouldn’t get another one.

However, few expected the fighter to get the fantastic deal he got. His manager, Ali Abdel-Aziz, was highly impressed with the agreement saying that it was the most natural negotiation, especially when you consider what they got out. He added that it’s one of the biggest deals in UFC history. He also said that he doesn’t care about McGregor as this is still one of the best-guaranteed money deals to date.

Khabib certainly deserves the deal, and he could very well be the best in UFC at the moment. The Russian fighter hasn’t lost a fight up to now, meaning he has won 11 in a row. This includes the battle of last year October when he managed to win the title against Conor McGregor, which was one of the most significant events that made us see the value of Khabib.

Upcoming Fights

We already see some exciting fights lined up for Khabib as he comes back. Of course, the first fight would be against Dustin Poirier, who won the interim title. Khabib’s lightweight champion belt was put up for grabs during his suspension, which resulted in a fight between Dustin and Max Holloway. Dustin managed to grab the win and how has a shot at taking the title for good, but first, he would need to beat Khabib.

If Khabib manages to win, we also see some exciting developments with other contenders interested in a shot for the title. Of course, this includes Conor McGregor, which might be lower down on the list. First, we’ll see either Donald Cerrone or Tony Ferguson take on the title holder. These two fighters are also set to compete against each other to see who gets a chance at fighting the title holder first.