Nate Diaz Career Potentially Ending

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Nate Diaz has continued to parade himself foolishly after losing his most recent fight. Many speculated that the prized UFC Fighter would retire from the sport after making a social media post following the match. However, Nate Diaz spoke on Thursday Morning with reporters that he wouldn’t be leaving the competition. This wouldn’t come before he was pressed as to why he posted an Instagram photo with the caption “Peace Out” directly after the fight at UFC 244, one where Nate Diaz lost following a TKO from Jorge Masvidal. This is one of the few instances where Nate has received a TKO from a fellow fighter. There hasn’t been any word from Dana White as to if he will set up another fight following the remarks made by Nate Diaz, apology or not.

Nate Diaz used multiple vulgar slurs through his Instagram Picture, where he and his older brother can be seen posing together. In friendly terms, he believed the fight was over before it began, and that Dana White faked the rematch. Afterwards, the post goes on to mention he will be on tour, with a goodbye to the fight game. Considering that Nate Diaz took a three-year break from Martial Arts until UFC 241, where he defeated Anthony Pettis, that this post meant the ageing fighter would be retiring from the sport.

Fighters Remark on Possible Retirement of Diaz

It wouldn’t take long for sports reporters to contact Nate Diaz’s representatives. The 34-year-old prized fighter went on ESPN later that week and dismissed any notion of him retiring this year. Speaking with Ariel Helwan, Nate mentioned that he would fight immediately and that he would fight forever if allowed. This is Nate speaking from his ego, not considering old age or advancements in the sport. Regardless, there could be a few more fights in Nate before his official retirement from martial arts begins.

Knowing that Nate Diaz won’t be retiring has come as positive news for fighters in the UFC. However, Dana White is infamous for not allowing opponents back after they slander his fighting competition. That hasn’t stopped fighters like Masvidal from acknowledging his respect to Nate Diaz and mentioning that he’s up for a rematch at any time. From all accounts, Nate wants to settle this battle but doesn’t believe Dana White will give him the option in 2020. During a press conference, he mentioned he could already see it coming from knowing the UFC’s inner workings so intently.

Dana White won’t comment on these sort of issues until he’s pressed extensively. Considering he allowed Connor McGregor to return after multiple illegal infractions with the UFC and criminal offences worldwide, Nate Diaz shouldn’t rule himself out yet. More regarding the final return of Diaz will surely come in 2020.