MMA Predictions (Lightweight and Welterweight)

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The 2019 MMA season is just around the corner and is becoming a hot topic another enthusiasts and bettors from around the world. There’s a lot to look forward to as we see some amazing matches for the year ahead. Amazingly, more than 20 events are planned already, even with the 2-week offseason, which is sure to be a once-off thing by the looks of it.

Even with the events planned, we can go through the possible fights and try to predict the winners, but the most important factor would revolve around who holds the title at the end of the year, which is a much better way to see how the year ahead might go.

With the bantamweight division falling away and most likely ending with Dillashaw holding the title and Max Holloway winning against Frankie Edgar in the featherweight, we see most of the action happening in the heavier division, which is what we’re looking at below.


The lightweight division is sure to be one of the most popular from the beginning of 2019 as all the action once again revolves around McGregor. It’s sure to be an interesting one, which all begins with Khabib sitting out for the first half after being suspended by the Nevada State. However, by the 29th of Jan 2019, we’ll know the outcome of the suspension, which is important for the rest of the lightweight year and who might be holding the title.
We’d love to see Khabib go up against his long-term rival Tony Ferguson, but since McGregor has already demanded a rematch after UFC 229, we might just see them take each other on again. However, for McGregor to earn the fight, he would have to make it past Dustin Poirier first.

If all goes as planned, there’s little doubt in our minds that Khabib would be the title holder at the end of the year. If he defeats McGregor again, we might even be lucky enough to see a Khabib vs. Ferguson fight by the end of the year, but nothing has been confirmed as yet.


There have been loads of movements in the welterweight division, including Tyron Woodley making his way up to become one of the most impressive fighters we’ve seen so far. Well, 2019 might just be the year where he finally makes it to the top.

There’s no doubt about it, he would have to make it through multiple fighters, including Kamaru Usman and even Colby Covington. The With the performance in 2018, he should be able to defeat both fighters and just about anyone else in the division, which is why we predict Tyron to hold the title by the end of 2019.

Some might think Tyron is getting to the end of his career at the young age of 36, but this fighter has more than enough power to keep going for more than just 2019 and keep the title in his name.