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From time to time, it is better to get quick info on essential details and catch up with what’s been happening. This week, loads have been going on, which is sure to affect betting opportunities and the overall fighting possibilities of MMA.

Brock Lesnar Retiring

Brock Lesnar has become quite a big name in MMA as he has incredible power and the ability to reach the top if he had to apply himself. It all would have worked out for him if he didn’t get suspended in 2016 for doping. It took him out of the game for a long time, during which he only made part-time appearances in WWE. Therefore, we believe he didn’t get the training needed to keep in top shape, which is simply a must if he had any hopes of taking on Daniel Cornier for the title at UFC 241.

Well, no way that’s happening now as Brock told Dana White that he is done and retiring. The 41-year-old is making a good move according to many fans and even Dana White as he is at too much risk if he decides to return straight away.

If he were to return and take on Daniel, he would require training for a minimum of six weeks and even then, he wouldn’t stand much of a chance against the ex-Olympic athlete would have been training hard all along to defend his current heavyweight title.

It seems Brock would still appear on WWE as a part-time fighter, giving him the attractive salary of $12 million per annum all the way. Dana White says things will always change in combat sports, but he would understand why if Brock decides to stick with the retirement.
Fighters for the Lightweight Title

The tile for Khabib to return to the octagon is finally happening, and we can find out who the new lightweight titleholder is for good. However, whoever it is, it might not last long as many fighters line up for their shot at becoming the lightweight champion.
Firstly, before anyone can take on the title holder, Dustin and Khabib need to step into the octagon and see who is better. Khabib is the actual title holder, but since he got suspended, the title was given up for an interim fight. Dustin Poirier managed to beat Max Holloway for the title, securing his spot to take on Khabib and possibly keep the title.

Once that’s confirmed, the new titleholder would have an extensive line-up of fighters seeming their opportunity. It begins with Conor McGregor who has been wanting a rematch with Khabib since October 2018, but it looks like others might jump ahead and get their shot first.

Conor has retired in April, but now seeks a new and exciting way to enter UFC once again. Tony Ferguson remains a top choice for everyone, and now that he is back after some personal issues, he might finally see him for the title after the Dustin and Khabib fight.