MMA Moves Resulting in Disqualification

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We all know, MMA is one of the most intense forms of professional fighting there is. It combines various types of fighters, allowing fighters to combine moves with the objective to defeat their opponent with a KO or by having the best and cleanest strikes.

Over the years, we’ve seen a number of unique moves, some that were very effective, some that ended terribly and those that were simply over the line and could’ve ended really badly. With these moves, the rules of the fight changes and introduces new regulations that keeps the action of the fights alive but limits the moves that cut the action short and simply hurt the fighters in ways that could end their careers.

Below, we look at some of the moves in history that have been so bad that the MMA rules have changed to ensure professionals don’t enter fights that could end their career. Of course, there are still many moves that could cause serious damage and break bones, which is simply part of the fight. However, none of us would want to see our favorite fighters never return to the rink due to brain damage or some other long-last injury as the result of careless fighting.

Poking Eyes

Poking someone eye sounds horrible all on its own and it’s really easy to do serious damage to a fighter. Many have done it in the past to gain an advantage over the other fighter, which certainly works, but since it’s something that could end a fighter’s career instantly, it’s now not allowed.

The rules state that no fighter is allowed to extend their fingers out towards another fighter, even if they aren’t in direct contact, which avoids eye poking accidents all together. A fighter will receive a warning if it’s a clear accident, but in most cases, the ref will end the fight and disqualify the fighter instant.

Head Butting

Head butting is one of the most dangerous moves in any form of fighting and could result in serious damage, not only for the receiver, but the fighter delivering the blow as well. Head butting has occurred multiple times in MMA, usually ending the fight in a bloody mess with one or both fighters looking as if they’ve just come out of an accident.

It splits the skin and just about always ends with stitches, taking out the fighter for a few fights at least. Of course, the results would be much worse as well, ending in a trip to the hospital for a concussion.

Strikes to the Groin

In self-defense, they always teach women to attack the groin as it’s the best way to completely disable an attacker. The point of MMA isn’t to get the other fighter to give up due to an injury like that, but rather to perform the combinations and showing that you’re better than the opponent.

Kicking or even punching the groin has serious results and would have the fighter out of the season due to hospitalization.