Mixed Martial Arts Changes for 2019

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The world of mixed martial arts remains one of the most popular as fighters can do just about anything to defeat their opponents. For most, it’s finally the fighting championship we’ve all been waiting for, especially since it combines some of the most thrilling combat styles in the world.

Since it remains a dangerous sport, there have been some regulations to keep things fair and within reason for fighters. This doesn’t only include limitations on some moves such as groin strikes and eye poking, but also weight limitations. As you can imagine, the fighting wouldn’t be as competitive if they just allowed any weight to complete again another. Firstly, it would be dangerous, and fighters just wouldn’t be able to shine with their abilities.

Up to now, we’ve seen a range of great weight categories, allowing fighters to take on others that are of similar weights, making it fair and entertaining. However, we’ve seen a few issues with the current light weight and welterweight classes as fighters are dropping serious amounts of weight to avoid moving over to the middle weight classes where things are obviously completely different.

2 New Wight Classes

As mentioned above, the new weight classes are mainly being introduced to provide fighters with better choices. It’s been reported that some fighters are dropping as much as 30 lbs before the fight’s weigh in, which is dangerous, not just for nutritional reasons, but for the actual fight as well.

Dropping that amount of weight would require some serious changes to their life styles and would most probably mean starvation as well. Going into a fight this way wouldn’t just have effects on your abilities as a fighter, but it makes your entire system weaker, meaning they suffer serious injuries easier.

In collaboration with the Unified Rules, Brave CF are now including 2 new categories while removing the current welterweight. This will provide fighters the opportunity to remain in the lightweight categories, but without having to drop a huge amount of weight to fall in to the requirements. The first change includes a new super lightweight section that has a limit of just 165lbs, which roughly translates to 74.8kg. The new rules would also remove the current welterweight but include a new super welterweight with a limit of 175 lbs or 79.3kg.

How it Affects Mixed Martial Arts

Well, the first benefit of the new weights would be a range of new fighting match ups as new competition would fall into the categories. One section many fighters are sure to be excited about is how Jarrah Al-Selawe would defend his current welterweight title as the men step up to take him on.

We’ll also see many fighters become better in their own classes as they drastic weight drops won’t be as much of a factor anymore. Sure, we’ll still have some fighters cutting some weight to get in, but many would rather shift to the next class or be able to get into the light weights without major changes.