McGregor Arrested in Miami

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It seems as if the UFC champion can’t keep himself out of trouble as fighting star Conor McGregor once again finds himself behind bars. This time just outside the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami.

The event took place just before 18:00 on Monday (11 March 2019) when police were contacted to respond to a situation. There weren’t any eye-witnesses who reported anything. The police report states that the UFC suggested a struggle with a fan trying to take a picture of the fighting star as they left the famous hotel.

According to the document, both McGregor and Ahmed Abdirzak (the victim) were leaving the hotel. Abdirzek attempted to take a picture of the UFC title winner when McGregor slapped the phone out of his hand, threw it on the ground and stomped on it multiple times. It also says that McGregor when took the mobile device and walked away with it.

When police arrived, the victim told police what happened and also included that the phone is worth $1,000, which was now wholly damaged. The Miami Beach Police arrested McGregor and charged with armed robbery and criminal mischief as suggested by the document.

The Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Centre held him on a bond total of $12,500. His lawyer, Samuel Rabin later reported that McGregor was arrested on a minor altercation, which involved a cell phone. He also included that McGregor is cooperating with police.

Not the First Time McGregor Breaks the Law

Conor McGregor is no stranger to breaking the law, and we see his professional career seems to make him think that he is untouchable. Things have only become worse over the years. It’s at a point where the Nevada Athletic Commission said he is on thin ice at the hearing that involved the brawl last year with him and Khabib.

In July 2018, the fighter narrowly escaped jail time after damaging a media bus by throwing a dolly at it. He was once again arrested with two felonies but managed to make a deal to plead guilty for misdemeanour disorderly conduct.

He didn’t get off without a slap on the wrist as the judge decided to give the UFC fighter 25 hours of community service, which he only completed recently.

Going Further Down Hill?

There’s little question about McGregor’s UFC career as it seems as if the fighter is getting himself in trouble more than anything else. The last time we heard anything about McGregor in the octagon was way back in October of 2018 where he lost the fight in the fourth round after Khabib managed to make him tap out.

Of course, the brawl after the fight (started by Khabib) resulted in him receiving a suspension of 6 months and a fine. The suspension is still in effect, which might be the reason McGregor is getting bored and finding himself in hot water more often.