Mayweather Working with UFC

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The desire to have Floyd Mayweather join the Ultimate Fighters Championship has been relevant for more than a decade. However, the chances that fans will see the ageing superstar put on the gloves and fight in the Octagon are dreaming. If this dream could ever happen, it’d be in a capacity where Mayweather was guaranteed to win the fight and get paid upwards of $50 million. It wouldn’t benefit the UFC long-term to have a 43-year-old fighter compete against young athletes, only to win against all the odds. This doesn’t mean that Floyd Mayweather cannot partner with the UFC in some other capacity.

Dana White, the President and Chief Executive Officer of the UFC, has been working out an agreement with Mayweather for months. November 2019 marked a significant leap forward towards this agreement, with the two being spotted courtside at the Celtics vs. Clippers matchup. Photographers caught the moment when the two completed their handshake agreement, with reporters immediately demanding an answer towards this moment.

Dana White Clarifies Comments

Reporters were told that a deal was completed on the court, but the details won’t be revealed for months to come. When that moment happened eight weeks ago, fans began debating on if this handshake was building up towards a fight in the UFC. Luckily, White clarified that Mayweather could potentially compete. However, this would cost a significant payday for the UFC and almost guarantee a rigged fight.

Dana White continued to express his sentiments towards the potential fight with reporters. He clarified that there’s a good chance that the two men will complete a crossover event, similar to how Conor McGregor and Mayweather fought in 2016. The last time Mayweather worked with the UFC, he was a relaxed individual to work with and didn’t have any complaints so long as the payday was coming. Fans are now speculating that this bout could be a rematch for McGregor vs. Mayweather, with Conor recently re-entering the UFC.

After considerable deliberation towards Floyd Mayweather’s involvement with the UFC, Dana White confirmed that he’s meeting with Al Haymon in the summer of 2020. The expectation will be to implement a fight for the upcoming fall season. However, it should be noted that this is a new timetable that can be altered numerous times before an actual battle takes place. Mayweather can ultimately opt-out of this handshake agreement as well, with no official documents being signed.