Lightweight Fights to Look Forward to

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The lightweight division of UFC has been a hot topic among fighting fans as we seem loads of new fighting opportunities as Khabib is currently suspended.

Khabib should be the current title holder after winning the UFC 229 event in October 2018 against Conor McGregor. He managed to submit the Irishman in the 4th round, claiming the title for himself. However, just after the event, Khabib jumped to the crowd and attacked one of the training partners of McGregor. He was suspended.

After the chaos of UFC 229 in October, Khabib had to wait until January to appear in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission and fight out what his future in MMA holds. He received a fine of half a million dollars and suspended for 9 months. The commission gave him the option to decrease the suspension to just 6 months by making a post towards anti-bullying.
Surprisingly, he declined the offer and decided to extend the suspension to 12 months instead. He said he will not return to the octagon until his teammate who also played a role in the brawl are able to fight again. Both his teammates received fines of $25,000 and suspended for 12 months.

With his request to be suspended for 12 months, the UFC board said Khabib cannot hold onto the title until he returns. Therefore, it was put up for an interim fight, which took place on the 13th of April 2019. The event included Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. Most were expecting Max to become the title holder, but Dustin managed to deliver an amazing event and take the belt by winning in the last round as per the judge’s vote. However, it was a close fight and both fighters deserve the carry the title.

Upcoming Events

Now that Dustin holds the title, we are guaranteed to see his take on Khabib in the main event once the suspension is over. This will determine who gets to keep the belt, making it the first full-on UFC lightweight fight for 2019. Most are expecting Khabib to take the title back, but there are many who believe Dustin would be able to apply the right training and beat Khabib. If he does, he would have a busy fighting career ahead of him as many lightweight fighters are ready to take on whoever walks away with the title.

Firstly, we expect to see Max Holloway seek another chance at the title, whether it’s against Dustin or Khabib. He has what it takes and deserves another chance at the title. We might just see a whole new level of fighting from the champion. We also see other major fighters such as Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor showing interest. However, these two fighters aren’t likely to fight as Tony deals with personal problems and McGregor seems to be busy with other matters, including an apparent retirement.