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We are already halfway through 2019, and not much has happened within the lightweight division that’s worth raving about. Sure, there have been some great fights, and we even saw an interim title up for grabs, but none of the significant fighters has taken place.
However, the second half of the year is sure to be one well worth looking forward to as we see major fighting events planned, which involves just about all the biggest names in UFC lightweight. Much of the hold up is due to Khabib and Conor being suspended, which puts a lot of things on hold, especially with Khabib being the current title holder for the lightweight division.

As some of you might know, his title was given up for grabs as an interim fight opportunity as he decided to sit out longer than what the UFC board has given. The fight involved Max Holloway and Dustin Poirier. Dustin managed to win, making him the current UFC lightweight champion. However, there’s still a lot to come, which is sure to change things around completely.

Dustin Faces Khabib

The odds are firmly in favour of Khabib who is technically UFC lightweight champion, but he would need to beat Dustin before getting his hands on the title again. Up to now, Khabib remains undefeated, which has taken the Russian fighter from beginner to pro is just about no time at all. He has an excellent experience, not only in UFC but street fighting as well. He is fast, precise and manages to beat everyone who steps in the octagon with him, including Conor McGregor.

In September, he will face off against Dustin Poirier, which will determine who gets to hold onto the lightweight belt. The one who wins will still have a lot of fighting ahead as many others are looking forward to Khabib’s return so they can have a shot at the title.

Tony vs. Donald

Tony Ferguson has been trying to get a title fight for as long as we can remember, but there’s always something getting int eh way to prevent him and the title holder meeting in the octagon. However, in 2019, we might finally see Khabib and Tony face off for the title.
Tony had some personal problems earlier this year but got back and cleared just in time to take part in the UFC fights he has been interested the most. Since the return, he wants nothing but fights that will help him face the current champ and possibly claim the title for himself.

Donald Cerrone has the same goals and also aims to meet the champ in the octagon. Therefore the UFC decided to put these two in a fight against each other to see who deserves the title shot most. The winner will get the face off against the champ after Khabib and Dustin figure out who gets to hold the belt.