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That’s right. The 2019 fighting season is underway as we already see some of the biggest in MMA stepping up to take on the best. As per usual, everyone wants to see a specific fight, some would even still like to see the Khabib vs. McGregor match again, but for now, it’s safe to say that it seems unlikely.

With so much happening in MMA, it’s about time we catch up with the biggest news and explore the possibilities of what’s to come. So, without dragging on, here’s the biggest news for MMA this week:

McGregor and Khabib Suspension

One of the biggest forms of important news would be the outcome after the major mess about at UFC 229 last year. We saw major issues after the Khabib vs. McGregor fight, which ended in both being suspended by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Time has finally stepped on to give these fighters a final verdict, which most believe would allow both of them to return to fighting.

Khabib vs. Mayweather?

Yes, you’re reading that correctly as rumours have started of Khabib possibly looking to take on Mayweather with one of his last three fights before retirement.

The fighter has mentioned the idea before but didn’t make much of it. However, earlier this week he almost confirmed it by stating the whole thing about how he’d like the last three fights to go. Of course, the boxing champion is game for the fight and ready to take him on in the ring, which gives us a good idea that the fight might just happen.

It would once again be a huge money fight, much like the one we saw with McGregor. However, it’s very possible that the fight itself would be very different as both these fighters have defeated McGregor without much hassle. Some are concerned about Khabib being a grabber, but when considering how well he did on his feet with McGregor, there might just be a possibility for an amazing fight!

Naturally, not everyone is behind the fight, but with pay-per-view estimations reaching the millions, it would take a lot for the fight not to happen, especially now that MMA have made a move to the ESPN network. It would certainly give them a huge boost within the first year.

Jon Jones Fails the Drug Test

UFC lightweight champ Jon Jones has been trying to avoid talking about the results of his last drug test, which once again returned with traces of Turinabol. Yes, that’s the same thing that got him suspended back in 2017 and yet he continues to do it.

It seems rather unimportant to the promoters as no one has made much news of the matter, but the same can’t be said for other fighters who are fed up. In fact, Matt Brown suggest to either let them just do it, or they need to ban these SOBs cause it’s simply terrible.