How to Become an MMA Fighter

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Have you ever wondered what it would take to become a professional MMA fighter? Well, first and foremost, it requires a lot of qualities that most don’t possess. Straight of the bat, you’ll need to be someone that was given specific physical attributes when you were born. When you take the physical attributes and provide the necessary life experiences and upbringing to make them mentally tough, you’ll be one step closer to walking into an octagon ring.

In addition, experience in martial art styles or contact sport will do wonders to hard wire an individual’s brain when it comes to training for MMA. However, if you’re an adult and want to participate in an MMA competition, you’ll need the following:

Mental Toughness

Tenacity, work ethic, motivation, drive, heart, whatever you wish to call it, you’ll undoubtably need to be someone that is comfortable with receiving pain, welcomes physical exhaustion, and can endure physical punishment. You’ll basically need to embrace the grind and be ready for it the following day.

Physical Toughness

Can your skin, muscles, and ligaments take abuse and continue taking abuse for the foreseeable future? Training twice a day for an MMA competition can take its toll, and you’ll need to be someone that can take physical abuse every single day to succeed. Recognizing when you’re over-trained is vital to becoming a professional fighter as you’ll easily get injured if you don’t.


Are you able to do whatever it takes and sacrifice whatever is necessary to be successful? Can you spend most of your time in the gym and be prepared to make no financial gain for at least three years? You’ll be required to place all your goals in life on hold to successfully pursue your fighting passion. You’ll need to completely forget about another career, leisure time, or a real relationship. If you waste energy outside of fighting, you’ll be at a disadvantage from the start.


Although MMA fighters don’t look like the most intelligent and eloquent people around, they are quick learners as they pick up countless techniques during their fighting careers. Every opponent you face will have a different set of abilities and skills, and you’ll be required to recognise the differences immediately and make the necessary adjustments each time a new fighter comes along.


No one has the ability to do it on their own. If you want to be a successful fighter, you’ll need to necessary support on a daily basis, such as a team of experts to teach you everything there is to know about fighting before you step into the ring. You will also require support from home, as well as from friends, to help you through when you lose fights or even with injuries.

Physical Ability

You’ll need endurance, strength, and speed to become a fighter in the MMA. If you are someone that has never had success in any other sport, then you’ll instantly fail when it comes to MMA fighting.