Granimal’s Corner

ACA’s Granimal addresses a group of young athletes





ACA Day at the Range part 2


Granimal demonstrates wristlock underarm spin throw & head & arm 2 full nelson neck crank

WENG WENG : A disciple of JuGranchaud Before the UFC was ever created Laurent Painchaud, better known as The Scorpion, travelled to the Phillipines to teach a martial art he had created with Matt Granahan and Daniel Cylwik. Laurent was a kickboxer and savate fighter who combined his knowledge with Granimal’s wrestling and judo and Dan’s Oyama karate to create the deadly art of JuGranchaud. While in the Phillipenes The Scorpion met a man who stood 2 feet 9 inches tall and had starred in several movies. This young warrior quickly picked up the Scorpion’s brand of fighting and incorporated the lethal art in his movies until the day he passed away. Laurent, although Frech Canadian by descent, you are a true AMERICAN COMBATANT and Weng Weng WE POSTHUMOUSLY SALUTE YOU LITTLE BROTHER!:

Dubai Buggy Racing

Granimal to star in new Granimal versus Man show
Promotion for Red Line Film’s

Granimal cuts press conference clip for Japanese Stallone versus Granimal project

Granimal throwing hands for Japanese Granimal versus Stallone project

Granimal demonstrates the Walmart modified Macebell

A look at Matt “Granimal” Granahan President of the American Combat Association at his South Carolina Home Part 1

The Granimal gives a tour of his home training center in South Carolina where he does private training to teach amateur wrestlers cach wrestling.

ACA President Matt “Granimal” Granahan demonstrates the Dog Nelson
“The Most Feared Move in Wrestling” on Army Combat Trainer Adam Sarver.

ACA President Matt “Granimal” Granahan demonstrates a head 2 armpit into a choke, full nelson crank and other neck cranks on Adam Sarver US Army Combat Trainer.

Granimal and Chuck Sloan demonstrate dirty pro wrestling and catch techniques

Granimal as special guest referee at CCW Kid’s Day Event 2000

Granimal’s performnce of “just a gigolo” in Nashville, TN 

Granimal returns to the mic in North Carolina and does a duet to Elvis’ classic In the Ghetto 

The Granimal does a comedic spoof on the George W Bush shoe throwing affair (granimal was in the process of moving from SC to Texas when the Bush event took place) 

The Granimal shows that he can dance as well as sing.

Granimal PI