Gilbert Burns Recovers from Coronavirus

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Concerned fans of Gilbert Burns were pleased to learn that he’d recovered from COVID-19. This follows after two-weeks of self-isolation & proper medical care under the advisement of medical professionals in America. Burns confirmed via social media that he’d attend the August 1st Vincente Luque fight, with the two being teammates.

July marked one of the hardest months in Gilbert Burns life, with the MMA athlete confirmed positive with COVID-19. It forced Burns to bow down from competing in UFC 251 against Kamaru Usman. The cancellation of Gilbert’s appearance prompted Dana White to contract Jorge Masvidal, who’d inevitably lose to the Nigerian Nightmare under a unanimous decision.

It’s been two weeks since Gilbert Burns contracted the virus, taking his 2nd test on July 20th. Results revealed a negative reading, allowing for a possible strategized match with Kamaru Usman becoming possible. Both men have uttered their desire to compete against each other after their initial fight was cancelled.

Gilbert Burns was selected to battle Kamaru Usman after Jorge Masvidal had initially bowed out from competing over financial disputes with Dana White. Burns contracting the virus forced Dana White to accept the demands of Jorge Masvidal, paying the BMF Titleholder an unknown salary. Dedicated UFC Supporters were more excited by the prospect of Gilbert Burns, who has maintained a six-fight winning creak & dominated over the likes of Demian Maia.

Various reporting outlets questioned Dana White if Jorge Masvidal would be provided with a rematch opportunity against Kamaru Usman. The UFC President clarified that Masvidal wouldn’t be given another chance at the welterweight championship for a prolonged period, with Dana White recommending Jorge move down to the lightweight division. Gilbert Burns will be selected to compete next against Kamaru “The Nigerian Nightmare” Usman.

Gilbert Burns Praises Kamaru Usman’s Victory over Jorge Masvidal

Kamaru Usman dominating over Jorge Masvidal proved beneficial for Gilbert Burns, while also pleasing the Welterweight Champion contender. Burns emphasized that throughout watching UFC 251 at home while recovering from the coronavirus, he’d hoped that Jorge would lose & a second chance would be granted to him. Those hopes became a reality after Usman dominated Jorge to submission by the 3rd round.