Gerald Harris Retiring from Fighting

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After returning to the UFC from retirement two times, Gerald Harris claims that he will be leaving the fighting competition for the last time. The Hurricane revealed his resignation after he defeated fellow veteran, Seth Baczynski. After thirteen years in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, sports analysts believe that this will be the final time Gerald Harris retires from the sporting franchise.

This information was revealed in Newkirk, Oklahoma at the C3 Fight Show. The fighter noted that after three losses and a draw, he could’ve quit at that time. However, Gerald wanted to leave his career with one final win. He noted that he could have chosen a more manageable opponent but wanted someone who was just as formidable as himself. Harris mentioned that this last fight was one of his most challenging and that Seth Baczynski gave him a severe bout. Gerald Harris also says this victory couldn’t have been any more perfect, indicating that he had a severe injury a month ago. Harris could’ve cancelled this fight on multiple occasions, having nothing to prove to anybody except for himself.

The History of Gerald Harris

Gerald Harris stands as one of the oldest fighters to ever participate in the UFC at 39 years of age. He fought in multiple leagues, including the World Series of Fighting and Bellator. However, it will always be remembered that his most significant impact on the fighting genre was when he won ten continuous fights with the UFC. Veteran fans of the franchise will surely be sad to see this prized fighter finally retire, with Harris mentioning that this retirement hurt more than any other.

This is a fighter who would either knock his opponent out or lose the battle, Gerald Harris never tussled in the ring and always demanded a high-paced fight. His most memorable victories include his dual-division championship with the World Series of Fighting and his fight against David Branch at UFC 116 in 2010. He would then go on to win the next eight out of nine matches he had in the Ultimate Fighting Competition. This final battle with the UFC came as a shock, for the last three years he has fought under the Legacy Fighting Championship. Other notable wins for Gerald Harris include winning the Welterweight Title during Extreme Fight Night. He now ends his pro career with 26 Wins, 8 Losses and 1 Draw.