Films Every Mixed Martial Arts Fan Will Enjoy

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Mixed Martial Arts fans have been well catered for across the past decade and as the sport progressed from tiny arenas into massive locations sponsored by some of the major brands, the fan base continues to increase. MMA is a hit with millions of fans across the globe due to the blend of combat sports with martial arts, while the personalities of the fighters is another huge fan favourite.

Mixed Martial Arts Huge Hit on The Big Screen

Due to its popularity with massive audiences, MMA has also enjoyed major success on the big screen, where films share many of the stories related to martial arts that fans can relate to. Unfortunately, not every martial art film ever made is worth watching, but when it comes to the top five MMA films, Warrior, Sony’s Red Belt, The Hammer, Fight-Vile and Choke are the best.

MMA Films Perfect for Fans of Documentaries

Fight-Vile is one of the most watched in-depth documentaries and takes fans into the world of the mixed martial arts, the film offers moviegoers a chance to meet the real people, those behind the MMA stars, including their children, spouses and parents. The documentary includes their preparations before major events, dealing with harsh realities as well as promoters, training sessions and dealing with the press.

The documentary was not produced for casual fans, it is a film created for the die-hard followers and anyone who contemplates a career in professional MMA fighting. It includes the MMA fighter’s day-to-day lives, and the directors do not sugar-coat the harsh realities, so everyone gets to view the intense sacrifices that are required in juggling training and full-time jobs. The documentary includes several interviews with the fighter’s family and sheds light on how they struggle to deal with the career choice of their loved one.

Warrior A Great Movie for Fans or Anyone Enjoying A Truly Incredible Story-Line

Warrior invites viewers into the world of two brothers, both passionate about MMA and with Gavin O’Connor in the director seat the film offers a brilliant mix of drama, excitement and mixed martial art action. The difference between the brothers is part of the story-line that basically focuses on the different paths they follow to keep their dream alive. The older brother is a physics teacher who is also a former fighter, although he does possess all the qualities of an MMA artist since he is thoughtful, respectful, strong-willed and disciplined.

The younger brother arrives back from Iraq after being away for over 14 years and he is filled with rage, as a fighter, he forces his will on all opponents. As the viewers get to learn the circumstances surrounding both brothers, they will find it extremely difficult to pick a favourite from the two. The strong story-line ensures that this film is a must-see for both MMA fans and anyone else who simply enjoys a great storyline, great acting and a gripping story-line.