Featherweight Champ Jose Aldo Retires in 2019

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Those who enjoy UFC and WEC fights would know that Jose Aldo has been one of the best fighters in the octagon and while we look forward to his upcoming fights, we recently learnt the fighter will be retiring later this year.

As a former titleholder in WEC and UFC, there’s no doubt that Jose has been one of the best all-round fighters. Many would argue he has become the ultimate 145-lbs fighter who is scheduled to return to the rink on the second of February 2019. His fights fight for the year has his taking on Renato Moicano during the UFC Fortaleza event, taking place in Brazil.

On Wednesday, Jose made the announcement that he’ll be out of the sport later this year and actually put in a lot of planning as to how he’ll be leaving. The fighter said he’d be staying in the octagon for the last three fights as agreed on his contract, but that would be it. He likes the idea of finishing in Brazil, starting with the fight at Fortaleza, then another fight in May at UFC 237 in Curitiba and finally ending his UFC career back in Brazil.

Jose has Opponent in Mind

It seems Jose already has an opponent in mind for the second and final fight, but nothing has been confirmed with UFC. However, his manager has been talking to Dana White and said Jose would like the last three events to all to take place in Brazil, allowing his fans to be around and enjoy the last action. Thus far, it seems like Dana has agreed, but the fighters he would take on depends on the result of the Fortaleza event where Jose takes on Moicano.

There’s little reason to believe one of the final fights would be against Max Holloway as it would be pointless to put Jose up against the title holder. If they do and Jose wins the fight, it would mean his contract is renewed and would need to stay in UFC. This would get in the way of his plans to take it easy and enjoy life in 2020.

The fighter also promised he wouldn’t be coming back to mixed martial arts as he is very loyal to the sport but would rather want to take on other personal projects he has lined up for himself.

One of the big goals Jose has had for himself was to get out of the sport while he is still healthy and able to enjoy life. He says he didn’t want to stay in the sport to a point where he can’t fight anymore, which is why this seems like the perfect opportunity. It also means he wouldn’t need to spend his money on getting his health back on track.

He also expressed that he doesn’t want to fight for money, further explaining why he is leaving the sport earlier. Instead, now he can enjoy life with his wife, daughter and make some plans to travel.