Famous Boxing Upsets

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There comes a time when the underdog beats the favourite. Everyone loves it when contender hits the preference! These are some of those events. The first major boxing event was discussing revolves around Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko. Fury jumped in at the get-go, and Wladimir had his time cut out trying to dominate. Fury had the advantage in reach and used it to control the match. Klitschko was getting older and a bit slower, but he was hardly a match for Fury. The speed of Fury kept Klitscko on the back foot, but still, the fighting was exciting, At the end of the fight, the points went to Fury – 115-112, 115-112 and 116-111 to Fury’s fans delight.

Manny Pacquiao/Oscar de la Hoya

Manny Pacquiao was world champion in many weight classes. He defeated some of the best in his rise to championship. Manny “Pacman” is a Filipino, and he started as a flyweight and worked his way up the classes. It was with some trepidation that Manny was pitted against Oscar de la Hoya and everyone thought it was an unfair match. De la Hoya had to lose a few kilos and Manny had to go up a few weight classes, but they met as welterweights. Pacman was the better fighter and soon had de la Hoya on the back foot. After eight rounds de la Hoya did not leave his stool and Pacquiao was the winner. De la Hoya retired after the fight.

Muhammad Ali/George Foreman

The two faced off at Kinshasa in a fight that became known as “the Rumble in the Jungle”. Foreman was at his peak having destroyed Joe Frazier and Ken Norton previously. It was expected that Ali would follow suit and be beaten by Foreman. Ali used a new technique to lure Foreman to the ropes and then just absorbed Foreman’s best. Foreman could not keep up with the pace, and by the end of the eighth, he ran out of steam and Ali stepped up and floored Foreman with a knockout.

James Douglas/Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, notorious fighter and heavyweight champion, was used to thrashing his opponents and he thought that his fight in Tokyo was a foregone conclusion, so Douglas’s style took him entirely by surprise. Douglas’s record was uneventful, so perhaps Tyson was overconfident? Douglas was not intimidated by Tyson’s reputation, and he pushed Tyson from the start. A smart right put Tyson on the mat in the 10th round, and Tyson did not recover to the count of 10.

Floyd Mayweather/Manny Pacquiao

This fight drew in the most revenue in boxing history –US$410 million! The battle, in Las Vegas, was not inspirational with Mayweather easing to a win against Pacquiao, who had possibly passed his prime. Mayweather pocketed US$180 million and Pacquaio a cool US$120 million – a beautiful retirement pension!