Errol Spencer Delays Pacquiao Fight

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Fans of boxing will shortly see their king return with Manny Pacquiao, the reigning welterweight titleholder. Manny publicly announced that he is making plans for an upcoming fight in 2020. In his announcement, he noted that the fight is planned for the Q1 2020. This is an optimistic target that the champ might not accomplish, making most sport analysts believe he won’t make his return until the second quarter.

Manny Pacquiao is one of several welterweight fighters in the Premier Boxing Champions League that’s waiting for confirmation dates in 2020. The announcement of their first matchups in the new year has been delayed because of multiple relationships concerns amongst fights. Delays have extended to matches that were slated for the 2020 Season but was removed from fight schedules after severe injuries took place.

Errol Forced Delays

Errol Spencer Junior, an unbeaten titleholder with twenty-one knockouts was slated to battle Danny Garcia, the two-time titlist for the welterweight series in the Premier Boxing Champions League. However, Errol Spencer Junior faced injuries before Q1 2020. Subsequently, the pay-per-view fight won’t be taking place. It still hasn’t been confirmed if the boxer will return after his accident, with fans hoping that he will return to battle it out with Danny Garcia. This matchup was granted to Errol Spencer Junior after he defeated Shawn porter in 2019s Fight of the Year in September. Errol’s unexpected personal injury also forced delays in scheduling, which is forcing Manny Pacquiao to wait for his next fight.

Errol’s injuries forced the delays of welterweight fighters when an accident took place at Desoto, Texas. Spencer experienced a non-life threatening car accident that caused severe injuries to his lower back and upper shoulders. He has spent the last eight weeks at a hospital in Dallas. He’s publicly mentioned that he hopes to return in 2020 but will need time to heal physically and emotionally. Whether Danny Garcia is willing to wait for Spencer to heal is another story. Subsequently, there are some estimating that Manny Pacquaio is talking with Danny Garcia on a potential champion-division matchup. This would be a significant boxing event, similar to when Pacquaio fought Floyd Mayweather Junior.

Pacquiao’s Last Fight

Manny Pacquiao hasn’t fought since defeating the Keith Thurman, who was previously unbeaten before entering the right with Pacquiao. After twelve rounds in a title consolidation fight, Manny Pacquiao won the match by a last-minute knockout. It marked the fourth time that he won the welterweight title, with other championships in the lineal league. He has won fights with weights ranging from 112 to 154 pounds in his formidable career. With his upcoming 41st Birthday in December, Manny Pacquiao will continue to fight until someone defeats him for the championship. After that, it’s anticipated that he will retire from boxing.