Dustin is Confident for the Fight Against Khabib

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Saturday of last week finally featured the fight that determines the interim title holder of the lightweight category. It involved Dustin Poirier and Max Holloway who took each other on to decide who would have the title until Khabib returns to UFC.

Khabib has been out of the UFC scene since October in 2018 when he was suspended for starting a brawl after the fight with Conor McGregor. Even though Khabib won the title, he jumped into the crowd and attacked one of the trainers who worked with McGregor. He was suspended for nine months and had the option of decreasing it by making an anti-bully video, but the fighter decided to extend the suspension to 12 months by sitting out with his teammates who were also fined and suspended.

Therefore, we expect to see Khabib return to the octagon by the end of September, which will feature a fight with the current title holder Dustin Poirier to determine who gets to keep and defend the title from there on. Dustin was the second choice to take on Max Holloway for the interim title fight as Dana White finally gave Tony Ferguson the option to take part and get his match with Khabib as he always wanted. However, to everyone’s surprise, Tony declined the fight and said he wants nothing but a title fight with Khabib. Tony has been away from the UFC scene for quite some time as he deals with personal problems at the moment.

However, we hope to see him back in the octagon in time to take on Khabib. However, it might not be a title fight as Dustin shows confidence when it comes to claiming the title for himself against Khabib. Dustin said it would take a bit of crazy to beat Khabib, but he thinks he has what it takes. The fighter has been involved with UFC for many years and has become known for his relaxed pace in making his way to the title fights. In 2015, Dustin shifted by featherweight to lightweight, which is where we started to see him shine as a fighter.

Now, with a significant title fight behind him, we might see Dustin emerge beyond all his past matches. It would be great as he has loads to offer and has what it takes to become the ultimate fighting champion.

Then again, we all know Khabib has been a significant competitor as well and would give Dustin a decent run for his money. Dustin would need to ensure he is 100% committed and would need to give it his all to take on Khabib and stand a chance at the real title. It’s certainly already a great start that he is confident in the fight and with his unique style, we might see Khabib take a knock and had over the title.