Donald Cerrone Talks UFC 246

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The fight between Conor McGregor and Donald Cerrone for UFC 246 takes place on February 18th, 2019. It’s anticipated that the Cowboy will dominate over Notorious, with both fighters coming off losses. Analysts have determined that Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone will have to use Jiu-Jitsu and wrestle Conor to the ground. This has been the only way to submit the Irishman, with his four losses coming from submissions. However, there’s a challenge when it comes to that strategy. Cerrone is infamous for being a striker like McGregor, which means this will most likely be a battle of the fists.

Donald Cerrone has begun taking interviews in Las Vegas before the fight starts. When speaking with reporters at ESPN, this fighter expressed that he knows the ground game is his best strategy but won’t implement it. Cerrone emphasized that he enjoys a solid fight and people keep mentioning how Conor is ready for a stand-up bout. For Donald, this means going and testing it in the Octagon. When questioned on why Cerrone is ignoring the advice of mentors, he mentioned that everyone expects him to get knocked down and that it’s a stupid decision. However, the Cowboy noted that it’s his decision to make and that nobody can tell him what to do.

Those comments persisted with the Cowboy mentioning that he knows precisely the kind of fighter he’s facing. It comes off that Donald Cerrone wants to contest the skills of Conor McGregor, with UFC 246 slated to display which one of these fighters are better with hand-to-hand combat. Both the Cowboy and the Irishman are equal fighters, holding their respective titles. However, Donald Cerrone has fought fifty fights and maintains more records that his upcoming opponent. The Cowboy emphasized that Conor would have to shoot him to win this battle.

Conor McGregor’s Mentality

Individuals inside Conor McGregor’s training camp have noted that the Notorious Irishman has developed his ground game extensively, with his wrestling skills being better than in 2016. This means that even if Cerrone implements the ground game strategy, McGregor will have the necessary tools required to defend himself. Most are beginning to believe that the Cowboy will lose this upcoming fight, with his attitude towards this bout being drastically different from McGregor’s. Conor has never been more focused, spending extended hours daily on training. When it applies to Donald Cerrone, he’s spent more time riding motorcycles than competing in the gym. Subsequently, after two losses, the Cowboy might experience his third.