Dana White on McGregor Vs. Khabib 2

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There are already rumours and speculations regarding the next fight for Conor McGregor after his bout with Donald Cerrone. Dana White, the Chief Executive Officer behind the UFC, has confirmed that he desires McGregor to have another match against Khabib. However, this is all under the pretence that the Irish Bastard can defeat the Cowboy in a few weeks and that Khabib can take down Ferguson. All of this information was confirmed directly by Dana White when he was speaking with BT Sport for an extensive interview.

It wasn’t too long ago that Dana White has also confirmed that Conor McGregor would appear in Las Vegas on January 18th for UFC 246. He will battle against Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone for the welterweight division belt. His upcoming fight is highly anticipated amongst fans of the UFC, as his Khabib Vs. Ferguson in Brooklyn on April 18th. It should be noted that Tony Ferguson is considered to be a dominating presence in the UFC and more potent than McGregor. If Khabib were to knock out Tony, it would be highly unlike that Conor could defeat his former opponent. This would ultimately mark the second time that McGregor bowed down to Khabib.

The Ultimate Fighting Champion is more than determined to have Conor McGregor return for another bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov. The prized Irishmen have been asked numerous times since his return if a sequel fight could occur in 2020 or 21. This is because their original bout was the highest-selling PPV for the UFC in its history. Conor has already responded with a swift yes, indicating that he’s more than ready to take down his former opponent. McGregor is also looking to take down Jorge Masvidal, who has also expressed his interest in fighting the Irish Superstar. Subsequently, we could see Conor McGregor in upwards of three matches throughout the 2020 Season.

Conor’s History Conor McGregor has struggled throughout the last twelve months. After he was banned from the UFC, the Irishman announced his retirement for the second time in his career. During this period, he was criminally charged with assault and also committed numerous ignorant acts to the public. It almost appeared that the superstar fighter wouldn’t receive another contract from Dana White, even if he expressed returning. However, after lengthy delegations, the two agreed. Fans are hopeful that Conor McGregor can avid any altercations going forward, at least until the 2020 season is complete.