Dana White Ignores Coronavirus for UFC 249

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The Ultimate Fighters Championship President has publicly expressed his annoyance towards the coronavirus. Dana White has purposely avoided and ignored the advice of medical experts, who have informed him that holding mass gatherings can exponentially increase the rate of exposure. Refusal to limit these events or terminate them entirely could be considered manslaughter, especially with the rapid amount of accurate information now being spread online.

This information regarding Dana Whites similar actions to Donald Trump follows after the UFC President confirmed that UFC 249 between Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson wouldn’t be cancelled. This announcement from Dana White noted that supporters would be allowed at this venue, which follows after multiple medical experts and the WHO advised against this decision.

It’s not surprising that Dana White has publicly ignored the advice of medical experts, with the UFC President sharing similar viewpoints to President Donald Trump. It should be noted that the two are close friends, with White often supporting whatever decision that the “Orange Pumpkin President” makes. It’ll be interesting to see how Tony Ferguson and Khabib Nurmagomedov will do following this announcement. Khabib often publicly goes against the statements made by Dana White, calling him an idiot or other slanderous terms to public audiences.

Minimal Insurances

Following the immediate backlash to his UFC 249 statements with the novel coronavirus, Dana White completed due diligence for his support and tried to retort these comments. The UFC President expressed that COVID-19 is a sever problem and that they’re doing everything to limit the spread while still conducting business per usual. Dana White mentioned the Chinese and how this problem began because of them, creating a global problem that America is now solving.

He expressed that it’ll be interesting to see how this event plays out throughout 2020 and that everyone has their respective plans for personal insurance. Throughout his statements, it was noted that he’s concerned how it’ll affect their business and how they’ll be able to move forward. It seems Dana White is more concerned with the loss of funds than public safety, similar to his best buddy, Donald Trump.

The official statement reads: “This is a serious problem. We’re already working. We’re looking at how this will affect our business this year, and how we battle this thing moving forward. We’re already working on this. We’ve been working on this for a month and a half ago.”