Could this be the end of Conor McGregor in MMA?

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Conor McGregor fans all over the world have been waiting to see when the fighting champion will be returning to MMA. However, the more we wait, the further it seems to get from being a reality.

After His Last Fight

Conor McGregor last took part in an MMA fight at UFC 229, which took place on October 2018. He watched up against Khabib Nurmagomedov for a title fight and lost in the fourth round by submission. Straight after the fight, Khabib attacked one of his teammates and McGregor naturally got himself involved, you know the story by now. He received a 6 months suspension, which ended about two months ago. Yet, we haven’t seen McGregor in any MMA fights since.

He has been talking to Dana White about a possible return. Dana White offered the champion a co-main event, which Conor would have accepted, but he wanted the option to buy shares in UFC with it. Of course, the UFC refused the option, which was the beginning of Conor making his way out of the sport.

Conor Retires

Before we take this too seriously, it’s important to remember that Conor also “retired” in 2016. However, that only lasted for about two weeks and we saw him take part in the biggest fights of his career after that.

The beginning of 2019 presented yet another retirement from the MMA star when he posted on social media that he would be retiring early. Naturally, no one has taken it seriously, especially not since the talks about making a come back was after the post. Then again, McGregor did make the post after the refusal to buy shares.

Hurting His Hand

In May of 2019, we once again got a reason to believe that Conor will be coming back to the octagon and make his way to the top as he has done before. He was training regularly and keeping himself ready for the right opportunities by the looks of it. However, white training he managed to punch one of the training partners on the back of the head by accident, during which he hurt his hand.

He made a post on Instagram where he has was in a cast. Of course, this would put Conor out of any fighting action for a few months.

Bottle Cap Challenge

With the hand in a cast, we didn’t expect to see Conor take part in any fights, but on July 2019, he posted the bottle cap challenge on social media where he did a spin wheel kick and nailed the challenge. He even called out Floyd Mayweather to do the challenge.

The interesting thing about the challenge is that his hand seems to be fine as it’s not in a cast or even wrapped up anymore. A recent interview with his manager revealed that he is going through therapy for the hand. The manager also included that Conor hopes to follow through with retirement, which might just happen considering how long he has been out of the octagon.