Conor Taking on Khabib in 2019 Again

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Looking back at April 2018, you might just remember a match that saw McGregor badly beaten by Khabib Nurmagomedov. Not long after the fight, McGregor said he wants a rematch, which might just happen in 2019, thanks to Dana White, the UFC president.

Most would already be in favour of Khabib taking the win as he really dominated in the first fight with these 2 and on top of that, McGregor hasn’t managed a win in 2 years, putting the odds against him quite badly.

Now, McGregor challenges Khabib for the lightweight title he lost in April at the UFC 229 main event. McGregor was close to earning two 155lbs championship titles in the fight, but by the 4th round, he found himself in a neck crank lock and ended the fight with a submission.

It wasn’t even 24 hours after the loss when McGregor got on his social media accounts and started a campaign to get a rematch, so he has another shot to win back the title. Surprisingly, not many fans are excited about the possible fight as it ended really quickly and there’s no doubt that Khabib had the upper hand.

On top of that, many know that McGregor hasn’t been very active in the fighting world and might not have the same confidence he always has, which is already a recipe for disaster. However, there are a few that believe McGregor could make a comeback and finally drop the “whiskey spokesperson” reputation. There’s no doubt that it would be great to see him get back into it.

According to White, there are many who want to see the fight, making it a great option for the sport to consider. There’s no doubt that the fight would be great for marketing, especially when you consider that McGregor would be going all out to get his fans behind him again. If we look back at the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, you’ll instantly see a massive jump in viewers as McGregor went big to get the word out.

Now that MMA is shifting from Fox to ESPN, it would be a great business decision for the sport as well, which might just be something White is looking at well.

McGregor in 2019

In both 2018 and so far in 2019, we have seen much about McGregor and some even doubt that he would be making a full-on return to the sport. If this fight had to happen, it might just give him the boost, but if he had to lose, it might just be the end.

We all know the fighter has a lot left, but he just doesn’t seem to use it and rather focuses on other things that his incredible fame has presented. Whether he comes back or not, there’s no denying that he has had an incredible career in MMA.