Conor McGregor Not Worthy of a Title Fight

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For almost a year now, Conor McGregor has been trying to set up another title fight with current title holder Khabib. However, all his attempts have come up rather disappointing as Khabib isn’t interested.

In October 2018, Conor McGregor lost his title to Khabib in the fourth round after Khabib managed to get a grip on him and forced him to tap out. After the fight, Khabib jumped to the crowd and attacked one of the training partners that worked with Conor, which forced Conor to join the battle. They were both suspended, which is why we haven’t seen either of them in the octagon this whole year.

Now, about a month ago, Conor said he won’t be returning to MMA and would officially be retiring. However, that only lasted for about two weeks as we already saw movements that suggest he would be coming back to fight soon. On top of that, he never told MMA boss Dana White that he would be retiring and has been talking to Dana about his comeback all along.

McGregor has had great reason to retire now as his focus is elsewhere with the launch of his whiskey. However, there are so many fans who’d like to see him take on fighters again and once again reach the top. By the looks of it, it might just take longer than he expects as Khabib’s manager claims he isn’t worthy of a title fight against Khabib now.

What’s to Come for McGregor

In an interview just last week, Dana White said he has been talking to Conor about a comeback and what’s in line for the Irishman. Dana also said he would be getting together with McGregor next week to talk about possible fights.

There are a couple of options available for McGregor, which might not include the title fight, but it would be a step closer to the title, that’s if he manages to come out on top again as he did in the past.

Before McGregor would be able to get another shot at the title, he would need to fight others such as Tony Ferguson or Donald Cerrone. These two fighters are also hoping to get in on a title fight soon, which makes perfect sense to have these fighters go against each other and see who deserves the title fight.

Khabib’s manager also suggested McGregor take on those fighters first and prove himself worthy of a title fight. Before any of the fighters can take part in a title fight, they’ll need to wait for the results of the Khabib vs Poirier fight. Poirier is the current interim title holder, meaning he gets to take on Khabib for the real title first, which is bound to happen within the next couple of months as Khabib serves his suspension and returns to the octagon.