Conor McGregor, Dropping His Ranking in Terms of Wealth

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Conor McGregor had one fight during the previous 12 months, and he lost that fight, and still, he managed to earn $47 million from the battle. This caused him to drop 17 places on the Forbes list of wealthiest sports stars. Now standing at the position of 21st he is still in the top ranks as being one of the best-paid celebrities and at number 65 on the list of riches as published by Forbes annually.

Sponsorships and Fame

McGregor’s wealth is significantly contributed to by his excellent combination of support from commercial giants. Annually he is raking in money from Burger King, Anheuser-Busch InBev and Budweiser, which collectively bring him a total of €13.3 million. Add to that a sponsorship from Monster Energy and the €4.4 million from Reebok, and he is comfortably set. His fame also brought him great success with the whiskey Proper No. Twelve. In the first year of its existence, over 200 000 cases were shipped globally. Named after McGregor’s home town in Dublin.

McGregor, a Star with Sharp Wit

It isn’t only McGregor’s fighting skills which bring him such fame and fortune but also his sharp wit and even sharper tongue. The entertainment which he provides viewers during pre-fight press conferences is never disappointing. This makes him very much a marketable asset in the industry. Many highlights can be taken from his wit, and that helps to increase the interest and in the end, the revenue. Therefore his fights are always ranking under the best-selling fights in the UFC.

An example of this would be the record-breaking fight which he had against Khabib Nurmagomedov. Even though McGregor lost the battle, he still brought a tremendous amount of viewers, making this event the third best-selling event in the entire history of combat sports.

Competitive on All Levels

According to Ken Austin, co-founder of Proper No. Twelve whiskeys, McGregor’s competitiveness isn’t spared for the ring only. Also, in the whiskey industry, he is always working towards making his mark within a world dominated by much more set names in the industry. His most significant competitors in this field. According to Austin, for McGregor, it is never about being as good as the best, but much rather about being the best there is. His aim is ultimately to drive the name of Proper No. Twelve to the top of the list of best-selling whiskeys internationally.

Being mediocre is never good enough for this Irish fighter from Dublin. With his competitive streak and his strive to be the ultimate champion in any field in which he ventures, is the most significant contributing factors to his success. This isn’t only true in the ring or when dealing with sponsors, but it seems to be his life’s perspective. Always ready to win and a creator of his success.