Genghis Khan

Possibly the most excellent leader the world has ever seen, Genghis (or Temujin which was his birth name) started life

The Gauls at War

The Gauls were a fierce but civilized nation with a good fighting history who stood in the way of the

The History of Karate

As very little has been recorded about the beginnings of karate, the supposition is that it evolved from the Bodhidharma

Sports in the Armed Forces

In 1947 the first inter-service sports were staged. The Army, Airforce and Navy took part, and in 1948 the International

The History of Jui Jitsu

It is said the Buddha, born in India, brought self-defence to the East when he was spreading his teachings, as

The History of Martial Arts

China It is believed that Martial Arts began in Mongolia and spread south to China, Japan and other southern Asian

History of Boxing

Boxing was first recorded in circa 3000 BC. The Greeks included boxing in their various games, usually to commemorate their