BJJ Star Erberth Santos Starts Mega Brawl at Main Event

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The main jiu-jitsu event involving Erberth Santos and Felipe Pena ends in a mega brawl as Erberth attacks hecklers standing on the sidelines.

The event started like any other major BJJ with two of the biggest stars on the mat, including Santos and Pena. However, things quickly turned sour in Sao Paulo Brazil as Pena attempts to take down his opponent with a sweep.

Santos dropped to the ground with a knee injury, and the fight was put on hold to allow the medical team to assess the damage. While being evaluated, Santos started arguing with some of Pena’s teammates who were off the mat.

It’s been said that they were taunting Santos by claiming he is faking the injury. Naturally, Santos lost his cool. Which showed him jump to his feet and run to Daniel Thebit, a black belt fighter forming part of Pena’s team. Within seconds, we saw a group of people attend the fight, some trying to stop it and other adding to the craze by attacking each other.

Incredibly, the chaos doesn’t end there as Santos finds his way around everyone trying to stop the fight and attacks yet another Pena student, Servio Junqueira.

Servio was trying to get away, but with Santos already at full speed, he ran over the student and pushed him right off the podium. Naturally, many followed Santos, some fans trying to help him, but most want to attack him. After running into the student, he also fell to the ground and was punched by those running after him.

After quite some time, officials finally managed to remove Santos from the area and Pena was declared the winner as Santos was disqualified. As expected, the media quickly filled with the news and fans say they are incredibly disappointed by the disgusting reactions by Santos.

For now, news about any punishment hasn’t been made public. We’re sure the sport won’t allow Santos to walk away without a fine and even suspension.

Are Brawls the New Way to Fame?

Those of you following various forms of fighting news would know about the UFC brawl with Khabib and McGregor that took place in October 2018. Which also ended with a massive craze as Khabib jumped over the nets to attack McGregor’s teammate.

In all took place after Khabib has won the fight, which is just one of the many things that made it strange. Both fighters were suspended with immediate effect, and hearings only took place in January 2019. Khabib started the whole thing and received a fine of $500,000 and a 9-month suspension. Which he extended himself by refusing the anti-bully post and wanting to sit out until his teammate could fight again as well.

Santos might not receive the same heavy fines and suspension, but it almost seems as if attacking people on the sidelines is now the best way to get on the news.