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Army McGuire, who we were introduced to through Billy Wicks, is a lifelong carny. In fact Army actually speaks carny (yes they have their own language). Army is an elephant trainer and strongman. On his website Army “propogates and promotes ancient and useful forms of exercise.” These forms of exercise have clearly worked for Army as he can literally TEAR PHONE BOOKS IN HALF AND BEND PENNIES! One of Army’s friends and disciples is renowned amateur wrestler Kenny Johnson. Army told us yesterday that Kenny recently began training with UFC Lightweight champion and future hall of famer BJ Penn. In this video from Kenny is seen demonstrating his Persian Club warmup for BJ. You can hear BJ marvel at Kenny’s prowess with the clubs in the background. We at the American Combat Association share Army McGuire and Kenny Johnson’s love for these “ancient and useful forms of exercise” and it is great to see one of the greatest fighters in the history of the UFC training with Army’s buddy Kenny. Check out the video by following this link: