Betting on UFC Lightweight

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If you’re a fan of lightweight MMA fighting, then the UFC 242 event is bound to grab your attention. Not only does it mark the occasion when UFC champion Khabib returns, but also includes a range of other exciting fights, well worth the bet.

However, while this is a significant event for the lightweight division in UFC, there are loads of excellent options coming up before UFC 242. Below, we look at some of the best betting options for the UFC lightweight division. The odds are already available at most bookies, offering critical details about the fighters and what to expect.

The biggest event of them all would be the return of Khabib, which takes place at UFC 242 in September. He would be facing Dustin Poirier, who is the current lightweight titleholder. However, his title is interim, which came as a result of Khabib being suspended after the post-fight attack in October of 2018.

While the big title fight is on the top of the list for most, there are loads of other exciting bet options before that. The lightweight division has been incredibly busy with who gets a shot at the title after the main event, which results in more significant fights lining up.

Tony vs. Donald

Tony Ferguson is one of the lightweight fighters that many watches as it’s believed that he deserves the title more than anyone else. He has been fighting his way to the top for so many years, and each time there’s an opportunity, it merely seems to slip away for some reason.

Now, just months after getting back to UFC after taking time for some personal issues, we see a whole new Tony getting ready to dive into championship fights. He once again wants a shot at the title, but so do many other fighters who wish to and deserves the chance just as much.

Dona White decided to make things interesting by getting Tony Ferguson and Donald Cerrone to meet in the octagon. However, that fight is done and dusted, which took place on the 9th of June 2019. Tony managed to emerge as the winner, which puts him next in line to fight against the title holder after Khabib and Dustin determined who gets to keep the belt.

Tony vs. Khabib

Now here’s a fight that everyone has been hoping for. Khabib is currently seen as the best fighter in lightweight MMA as he hasn’t been beaten once. Tony, on the other hand, doesn’t fail to impress either, especially with a 25-3-0 record.

However, once this fight lines up on the betting sites (after Khabib vs Dustin), we’re bound to see odds against Tony. However, those who know the fighter well might get to score some impressive payouts by wagering on the underdog. We expect to see the next lightweight title fight before the end of the year, which at least gives UFC lightweight an exciting end to 2019.