Army Announces Covid Vaccination Response

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Response logistic for Covid-19 Vaccinations amongst army personnel has been detailed. It was revealed that General Gustave Perna will oversee all distribution of the virus, with purchases of the Covid-19 Vaccination being made direct through Pfizer & Moderna Pharmaceutical. Details noted that distribution is beginning before December 24th, providing Army rangers & soldiers with the necessary immunisation to continue their regular duties.

Named Operation Warp Speed, multiple federal agencies & military advisors are overseeing distribution methods amongst private pharma companies like Moderna or Pfizer. Clarification was provided that 2.9 Million Doses are arriving before year’s end, with the first shipment arriving on December 14th. Military personnel won’t have any choice but to receive immunisation or face an immediate discharge with dishonours.

General Gustave Perna stated: “As I speak… vaccines are being packaged with a lot of emphasis on the quality assurance.” Those sentiments were emphasised by Secretary of Defence, Chris Miller of America. Miller expressed that logistical planning & military skillsets enabled Operation Warp Speed to become a reality within weeks after Pfizer announcing their vaccination. Chris Miller noted that army shipments are being issued via FedEx & UPS.

Emergency Usage

December 12th saw the American Food & Drug Administration confirm emergency usage of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccination, alongside with Moderna receiving approval. It enabled companies & government agencies to begin legally purchasing the vaccination, without any delays to distribution. Never before in history has advancements in immunisation been made to these extremes. It shows the worldwide dedication towards eliminating Covid-19 from our borders.

Army personnel throughout the United States of America have 636 Locations to select from to receive immunisation. Those locations will require individuals to return twenty days after receiving the initial dosage of Pfizer or Moderna’s vaccination. Second doses will guarantee army immunity. It should be noted that Operation Warp Speed applies to soldiers located in foreign nations worldwide.