Apex Facility Selected for UFC Fight Night

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May 30th will mark the date that UFC Fight Night 176 will take place. It’s now being speculated that the UFC Apex Facility in Las Vegas will host this venue. Speculation follows after Dana White indicated his desire to return to Sin City for UFC Fight Night. Multiple factors apply to return to their home state, including the regulatory approval of local politicians. White initially thought acquiring the support of politicians wouldn’t be difficult, with the opposite proving right. These government workers are more concerned over the wellbeing of local civilians, with the COVID-19 pandemic killing 343+ thousand people worldwide.

The UFC Apex Facility completed construction in 2019, with UFC Corporate spending $100 Million to create this fighting complex. Its purpose was to host competitors, train fighters, and have television sets for in-house series like UFC Unleashed. The COVID-19 pandemic forced the delay of Apex opening on schedule. Dana White has worked continuously to open these doors for the 1st time, while also accounting for the possibility it won’t happen until a vaccine is distributed worldwide.

This possibility prompted Dana White to contract a specialized agreement with a private island owner in the pacific. The immediate production of a secondary Apex Facility in a tropical location began. The Octagon, Training Facilities and Living Quarters are entering their final stages of construction now. UFC Supporters could see their most notable fighters compete at Fight Island by late May if the Las Vegas Apex Facility isn’t approved.

The Desolate Landscape of Vegas

Nevada Politicians weren’t prepared for the onslaught of cancelled bookings & cancelled venues throughout Las Vegas or Reno. The blunt trauma of COVID-19 was felt in Las Vegas, with the stripe being desolate since the pandemic infected the United States. Casinos and their respective entertainment venues have been closed since March 15th. Windows are boarded up, doors are padlocked, and the lights have been shut off.

May 9th marked the date that Nevada began the 1st phase of their economic reopening. This phase allows for Non-Essential Local Businesses to resume operations. Entertainment venues, casinos, and sporting events aren’t permitted under the 1st phase. However, Dana White is continuing to work with the Nevada Governor to receive specific exemptions. Instead, those exemptions are approved or not isn’t known yet.