Aniah Blanchard Passes Away

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Walt Harris shared some immensely upsetting news over social media when he revealed that his daughter, Aniah Blanchard, had been murdered to death in a shooting. The man charged with murder is Ibraheem Yazeed, who knew the UFC Fighter’s daughter through family friends. The 29 years of age will witness the death penalty, as capital murder in Alabama is one of the few crimes allowed for the ultimate form of justice. This information was confirmed by Brandon Hughes, the Lee County District Attorney. He held a press conference, where the death was publicly confirmed, and the death penalty was noted. Yazeed has been stated to be in emotional disarray, violent and unwilling to work with law enforcement.

The District Attorney stated that the Lee County Office would be upgrading the charges from kidnapping, into the crime of first-degree capital murder. Brandon noted that for this case, the intentional killing happened during the abduction, which resulted in two horrendous crimes. The statements ended with the announcement of the death penalty, which law analysts are speculating that the jury and judge will both agree to this capital charge.

The District Attorney’s Office in Lee County added to reporters that they believe Ibraheem Yazeed was the only personally responsible for her death, but not the only one responsible for her kidnapping. Yazeed hasn’t been willing to provide any information towards his accomplices because there won’t be any deal or bond offering presented to the first-degree murderer. Law enforcement has also speculated that Yazeed could potentially be behind other kidnapping/murders in the region, but there hasn’t been any concrete evidence found to support those claims. Regardless, the actions of this Muslim Man have resulted in a community being shaken to its core.

The UFCs Response

The Ultimate Fighting Competition didn’t take the actions of Yazeed lightly. Almost all men fighting in the league are fathers and felt extreme sadness for Walt Harris, as well as his daughter. Walt Harris had to remove himself from a significant fight against Alistair Overeem for the main event in Washington for 2019. When the news was revealed that his daughter had been kidnapped, not one individual expressed anger towards Harris having to leave the fight. This is unheard of in the UFC, with fans and fellow fighters supporting his decision in mass.

For the first time in its existence, the UFC united themselves as a community for Walt Harris. The President of the UFC, Dana White, was the first to offer his condolences to the Harris Family. Jon Jones, the Light Heavyweight Champion in the UFC and his manager were the first to stand beside Harris truly. They offered a significant reward to anybody that could provide viable information on what happened to Aniah Blanchard. Unfortunately, for all those wanting the best for this young woman, the most tragic circumstanced unfolded.

American Combat humbly provides its condolences to the Harris family and wishes Aniah Blanchard a peaceful afterlife.